Business and Commercial Litigation

Stetler & Rotert, Ltd. represents plaintiffs and defendants involved in business disputes of all kinds, including breach of contract, unfair competition, commercial fraud, securities class actions, insolvency, and wrongful termination. We regularly practice in federal and state courts throughout the country. The attorneys at SR also have extensive experience in various forms of alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration.


SR represented a national for-profit college in litigation brought by the Illinois Attorney General and successfully defended the for-profit college against allegations of consumer fraud and violations of the federal Consumer Fraud Protection Act. SR aggressively defended our client in state and federal court actions, while also coordinating responses to inquiries from the Illinois Board of Higher Education and the U.S. Department of Education. SR’s diligent defense of the college resulted in a voluntary dismissal with prejudice of the law suit brought by the Attorney General, and no consent judgment was required. People v. Alta Colleges, et al.

SR represented a co-owner of a business, successfully pursuing her claims for deadlock and oppression in connection with ongoing disputes over the control and operation of a family-owned business. Our extensive motion practice won dismissal of the defendant’s counterclaims before trial. After a trial on the merits, SR’s client obtained the relief she sought when the chancery court ordered defendant removed as the president of the company, ultimately resulting in his departure from the company. SR’s client now is the president and sole owner of the family business. Vanderkloot v. Block

SR is experienced in the defense of qui tam, or “whistleblower” cases brought against companies. In one example, a group of franchise owners in California faced civil claims in excess of $25 million. SR lawyers took the matter to trial in Orange County, California and after a six-month jury trial, our clients not only escaped any liability, they won over $2 million in counterclaims. Clairis, et al. v. Americair, et al. SR has represented corporations involved in defense contracting, construction, and many other industries as they confront the challenge of “whistleblower” actions.

Although SR employs some of the best trial lawyers in the Midwest, trial litigation is not the answer to every dispute. SR represents a major Order of priests of the Catholic Church in cases involving the abuse of minors by clergy. These cases require a careful analysis of allegations, coupled with a compassionate effort to seek healing and recompense through mediation and counseling. SR has brought several such cases to settlement for aggregate sums in the tens of millions of dollars, working to protect the dignity and privacy of victims while seeking responsible terms of settlement for all concerned.

Insolvency cases and business failures frequently produce controversy and litigation. When creditors try to collect on the debts of insolvent corporations by pursuing individual investors and principals, SR defends the separation between corporate and personal interests. In other cases, SR lawyers have been engaged by bankruptcy trustees to pursue transfers of corporate wealth that jeopardize the interests of creditors.

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