Stetler & Rotert, Ltd. attorneys frequently represent individual corporate employees of companies involved in antitrust investigations conducted by the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Justice, and other federal regulators. Working closely with corporate counsel, we have assisted executives and employees from a diverse array of industries, including construction, auto parts, fine paper and newsprint products, hospitals and health care, and electronic goods.


SR attorneys successfully defended an executive of a Midwestern dairy in a criminal bid-rigging case brought by the United States Department of Justice. The charges brought against our client were dismissed by the DOJ two weeks into the trial. United States v. Prairie Farms, et al.

SR represented the former Vice-Chairman of the Archer-Daniels-Midland Company as part of a criminal price-fixing prosecution that garnered national publicity and was the basis for the film “The Informant.” United States v. Andreas, et al.

SR represented a senior executive of Mitsubishi Electric Corp (MELCO) in connection with the DOJ’s wide-ranging prosecution of price-fixing in the auto parts industry. SR lawyers worked closely with Japanese counsel not only on our client’s defense but also on issues related to his potential extradition to the U.S. Although our client was charged in the U.S., he has successfully avoided extradition from Japan. United States v. Ueda, et al.

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